There aren’t that many waterfalls to be found in Greece but in the region of Paranesti (on the border with Bulgaria) there are several waterfalls that can be visited. The surroundings are beautiful, nice weather, high density of forrest and  the most beautiful waterfalls of Greece.

In the Virgin forest of Fraktos, the river Achladorema forms an impressive aquatic formation with three streaming waterfalls. The first waterfall is 7 meter high, the second one is 13 meter high and the third one is the biggest with a total height of 70 meters. There is a fourth and fifth step (40 and 80 meters) but those are difficult to reach.

There are other waterfall near the Achladorema waterfalls:

  • Close to the settlement Dipotamia and to the valley of Arkoudorema we meet the first Waterfall of Saint Barbara with a height of over 15 meters. Its water creates a small lake and the wider area is configured as a recreation area by the Forest Service.
  • After crossing the riverbed of Arkoudorema after approximately a 15km route, we find the most impressive waterfall of the region with a height of 40m, the waterfall of Trachoni – Dipotamia. It is the largest waterfall in the Balkans.
    Two kilometers before entering the Grand Meadow and on the side of clusters of spruce, the Dark Stream creates the homonym splendid waterfall, cutting a cliff vertically.
  • After Dipotamia and heading north we enter Forest Lepida, and after an almost 7km route, we meet the Lepida Waterfall, the largest of the region with a height of 35m.


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