The Bachfalle is a nice waterfall at the end of the Gerstrubental, south of Oberstdorf, in the region Bayern, Germany. The river Dieter drops down over a cliff and ends appr 160 meter lower.

A few kilometers downstream you will find the impressive Dietersbach wasserfall (Holltobel) not far from the starting point into the valley.

To reach the Bachfalle you have to follow the river Stillach from Oberstdorf. There is a road following the river going in the direction of Gottenried. Just before Dietersbach there is a road heading to Gasthaus Gerstruben. The Dietersbach wasserfall is close to the Gasthaus at the beginning of the Valley. From here just follow the river Dietersbach.

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About Bachfalle

Best visitSpring-early summer

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