Gimel, Cascade de – Queue de cheval

Les cascades de Gimel are a series of waterfalls with three major and named drops. Les cascades de Gimel are located in a little village with the same name Gimel les Cascades near Tulle in the region Limousin/Corrèze, France.

Les cascades de Gimel has three major drops, from top to bottom: Grand Saut (45 m), la Redole (38 m) and la Queue de Cheval (60 m) with a total height of 143 meter.

La Queue de Cheval is the biggest drop and quite powerful. Queue de cheval means ponytail after the shape of the waterfall. From the village it is a short walk (400 meter) to the entrance where you have to pay a fee.

There is a trail along the river leading along all three waterfalls, which can be slippery and sometimes steep. The walk takes about 45-60 minutes.

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About Gimel, Cascade de – Queue de cheval

LocationGimel les Cascades - Tulle
RiverLa Montane Ou la Gimelle
Best visitSpring-after rainfall