Herisson-cascade Le Grand Saut

When visiting the Jura the cascades de Herisson is a must to visit. There are several point where to start a walk. Most people will start from Doucier where the D326 leads to a parking lot where also a visiting centre is located. What I can remember is that you have to pay for the parking lot.

From the parking you will reach the first waterfall in 10-15 minutes. This is also the highest (65 meters) of cascades du Herisson and is called L’Eventail. From here you have to climb up along the trail onto the second waterfall le Grand Saut (65 meter).

Le Grand Saut is without a doubt a very beautiful and spectacular waterfall with a trail that leads you behind the waterfall. There you will see how heigh 60 meters is. Although in summertime there is a little water in the river Herisson it is still worthwhile to see all seven waterfalls.

The walk is suitable for children but it can be slippery, so be careful. There are enough spots where they can play with water or where you can buy an ice cream. My daughter enjoyed it very much.

After le Grand Saut there is another waterfall with a respectable height, the last waterfall, Le Saut Girard (35 meters).  In between the waterfalls enjoy nature and the coolness of the forrest when temperatures rises in summertime. Take a few hours for the walk and take a picnic basket with you, it is the perfect place for a lunch. The walk is about 7-8 kilometers long (roundtrip).

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About Herisson-cascade Le Grand Saut

RegionFranche Comte/Jura
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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