Keilkeller wasserfall


The Keilkeller wasserfall is a waterfall south of Hippach/Zillertal at Schwendau in the region Tirol, Austria.

The Keilkeller wasserfall is located at the west side of the valley along road 169. From Hippach drive south to Schwendau. Here the trail starts to the Keilkeller wasserfall. The trail is signed with nr 8 with sign pointing to the Keilkeller wasserfall. I think you can reach the Keilkeller wasserfall in 10-15 minutes.

The river Hoabergbach thunders down the Hoabergalm (2.590 m)  and have to find its way through a narrow gorge. Here the Keilkeller wasserfall drops down over appr 50 meters. The river Hoabergbach is fed by melted snow from the Hoabergalm with several tops above the 2.000 meters.

Best time to visit the Keilkeller wasserfall is early summer when the temperatures rises and the river Hoabergbach is fed with lots of melted snow.

Best daytime to visit the Keilkeller wasserfall is in the morning. The Keilkeller wasserfall falls towards the east and when taking photographs the waterfall is lightened by the sun.

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