Königsbach Wasserfall

The Königsbach Wasserfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany with a total height over 200 meters. The river Königsbach cascades down over 240 meters from the Hagengebirge. In potential the Königsbach wasserfall is much higher, about 400 meters.

Especially in the early summer, the Königsbach Wasserfall is beautiful with a lot of melting snow coming down from Hagengebirge with mountaintops of 2.200 meter.

The Königsbach Wasserfall is located south of Berchtegaden, at the east side of the Königssee, in the region Bayern, Germany. From the Königssee there is a trail heading to the top of the Königsbach wasserfall. The walk is about 2,5 kilometer long and takes 45-60 minutes.

There is also a small trail heading along the shore of the Königssee which takes you much faster to the Königsbach wasserfall. But the view from the top is marvelous.

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About Königsbach Wasserfall

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