Lastras de Aguas Bravas, Cascada

Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas is one of the many waterfalls along the river Douro on the border of Spain and Portugal. Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas is located south of Mámoles (west of Zamora) in the region Castilla y León-Zamora, Spain.

Best view on Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas is from the west bank of the river Douro, from Portugal. From Picote (Portugal) a road is heading south to the river Douro. If you stay a little bit left you can see Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas in the distance.

It also possible to go Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas from Mámoles but then the view is partially.

Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas runs dry in summertime or in a dry season. Best time to visit Cascada Lastras de Aguas Bravas is late winter/spring after rainfall.



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About Lastras de Aguas Bravas, Cascada

RegionCastilla y León-Zamora
RiverArroya de la Rivera
Best visitWinter-spring-after rainfall

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