The Ringeriksfossen is the unofficial name of a waterfall with a total height of 450 meters. The water of the river Ringerike drops down in several steps from which the highest about 100 meters is.

From Rosendal (municipality Kvinnherad/Hordaland) there is a road into the Hattebergdalen. From a distance you already have a good view on the fall. The road end at the river Ringerike. As far I can see there is trail starting south of the river which leads up the mountain to the top of the fall.

A little bit further towards Sunndal you will find one of the widest waterfalls of Norway, the Furebergsfossen. When time left also get hiking in the Bonhusdalen/Bondhusvatnet where you can find several waterfalls: Kroksfossen and the Brufossen.

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About Ringeriksfossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Hattebergfossen 5 km
Furebergsfossen 17 km
Leiteshaugfossen 18 km
Kroksfossen 26 km
Brufossen (Sunndal) 27 km

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