Saut du Loup, Cascades du

(Cascades des Demoiselles)

North of the beautiful Cascade de Courmes, you can find another waterfall but even so beautiful. In the gorge du Loup the river Loup tries to find its way through a narrow valley.  In the gorge there are many small waterfalls of great beauty with emerald colored pools perfect for a swim.

The most photographed waterfall is called Cascade du Saut du Loup or Cascades des Demoiselles. Several small streams fall in a colorful pool with  lots of green vegetation. A perfect place for great pictures.

In summertime the flow of the river le Loup is reduced to a small stream but still pretty to see. Cascade Saut du Loup isn’t a very high waterfall but the surrounding is of extreme beauty. I can’t find much information (that I can’t read, because my French is pour), but it looks like you can walk along the river le Loup.

From Nice drive to Grasse over road D2085. At Chateauneuf-Grasse take the right turn to le Bar sur Loup and proceed over the D6 to the gorge du Loup. You first will pass the great Cascade de Courmes and after a few kilometers you will see a restaurant Saut du Loup. Park the car here. From here it is a short walk to Cascade du Saut du Loup/Cascades des Demoiselles.

Best time to visit the waterfalls in gorges du loup is in November when the flow of the river le Loup reaches its maximum (appr 8m3/s). In springtime the river reaches again a top (appr 5m3/s). In the second half the river can run almost dry.

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About Saut du Loup, Cascades du

RegionCote d'Azur/Alpes Maritimes
RiverLe Loup
Best visitAutumn-Spring

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