From the small town Eiken, along road 42 in the region Vest Agder it is a 45 minute walk to the Kvitåfossen. Park the car near the road that leads into the Landdalen, on the east side of the river Landalselva. The road can be steep on some parts. In 2 km you have to climb from an altitude of 180 meters to 350 meters

The Kvitåfossen is not a very special waterfall in the river Kvitåna of 195 meters with a small watercourse. The waterfall is fed by a large lake the Fiskelandsvatnet on an altitude of 563 meters. Probably the water flow is reduced because of a power plant.

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About Kvitafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionVest Agder
Best visitSpring-heavy rainfall

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