Waterfalls in Portugal

Waterfalls in PortugalAre there many waterfalls in Portugal? I visited Portugal several times but never visited a waterfall. Almost all interesting waterfalls in Portugal are located in the northern parts, near the border with Spain and I have never been in these regions. The north of Portugal is high on my wishlist for chasing waterfalls.

This is also the area with several mountainous tops over 1.000 meter with a highest peak of 1.993 meter for the mountain Torre (Serra da Estrela). Anyway Portugal is a mountainous country (especially in the north and middle) where 11.6% of the country lies 700 meter above sea level.

Portugal has a mediterranean climate, warm and dry summers and wet winters. Snow in Portugal is very exceptional, although the year 2006 was an exception with even snow showers in the south.
Most rain falls in wintertime but decreases in springtime, with hardly any rain in summer. I should say that spring is a perfect time to chase waterfalls in Portugal although the average temperature isn’t that high yet.

When the weather gets somewhat warmer Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês is perfect to discover some waterfalls with perfect ponds for a swimming.

The Azores and Madeira also belong to Portugal and these Islands contain the most beautiful waterfalls of the country. Especially the Azores is very interesting when wanting to chase waterfalls. Both Islands are mountainous and there is enough rain to feed the waterfalls.

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Waterfalls of Portugal map

I have listed only 27 of the best waterfalls of Portugal on a Google map. The “waterfalls of Portugal map” is easy to use and there are links to all waterfalls of Portugal with more information. Just click on the bigger map icon to view the “waterfalls of Portugal map” fullscreen.

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Best waterfalls in Portugal

Name Region Locations Height # Rating #
Cascata da Peneda Viana do Castelo Peneda (Gavieira)- Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês 30 m30