Iceland - Waterfalls

There are so many amazing waterfalls in Iceland. There are over 200 named waterfalls in Iceland and a lot of them belong to the most visited waterfalls of Europe. Iceland is popular by tourists.

The beauty of Iceland is that it is a quite small country and that you relatively simple can visit waterfalls in Iceland, from ring road 1 (which runs all around Iceland and is 1.500 kilometer long).

I only visited Iceland once but a I will return to Iceland definitely to vist all those gorgeous waterfalls again.

Google map with waterfalls in Iceland

List of all waterfalls in Iceland

Top 10 waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is a great country with many glaciers and mountains. A guarantee for superb waterfalls.


Best waterfall regions


My last travel to Iceland

Skogafoss waterfall, Southern Iceland

Summer 2011 - Iceland in a nutshell


Waterfall pictures Iceland


Many people go to Iceland specifically to photograph waterfalls. Iceland is among the most photogenic countries in the world and has a unique biodiversity. Iceland is a volcanic island with several glaciers. A guarantee for beautiful and powerful waterfalls.

Foss a Sidu
Litlanesfoss and Hengifoss

Waterfall videos Iceland

My last and only visit to Iceland was July 2011. Making video's of waterfalls was not very common at that time. This video is taken in the north of Iceland and is the impressive waterfall Dettifoss. This is one of the most powerful waterfall in Europe and is a must to visit. Unfortunately I don't have footage of waterfalls in Iceland yet, but I made a small collection of the best Youtube video's of waterfalls in Iceland. Just for inspiration.

Best free detailed hiking maps of Iceland

Hiking maps Iceland

Online hiking maps Iceland

Iceland is a fascinating country with a diverse landscape of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers, and waterfalls. With its rugged terrain, Iceland is a great destination for hikers looking for an outdoor adventure. Fortunately, there are several online hiking maps of Iceland that can help you plan your hike and navigate the terrain.

One of the best online hiking maps of Iceland is the SDI Iceland map. This free online map is available to anyone with an internet connection. The map offers detailed information on hiking trails and paths. It also allows you to easily search for specific points of interest. You can choose several map layouts.

If you want even more detailed information, the Icelandic Hiking Association's website is a great resource. This website offers detailed information on trails, as well as maps of specific areas. Additionally, the website includes safety tips and advice for hikers, so you can be sure to stay safe while exploring the terrain.

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