Breidfossen is one of the many waterfalls coming down of the mountain at Arnafjord, Sogn og Fjordane/Norway. Breidfossen isn’t a very powerful waterfall but is special because of it extraordinary view: fjord, several waterfalls, a high mountain wall in the background.

Breidfossen is situated west of the Arnafjord and is fed by the Dagvatnet.

Next to the Breidfossen there are two other huge waterfalls; the Sleipefossen and  Botnafossen, a waterfall with an even higher vertical drop.

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About Breidfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
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Botnafossen 4 km
Bjorndolafossen 22 km
Hagafossen 22 km
Oyafossen 30 km

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