Cascata das Lombadas

Cascata das Lombadas - 2022Cascata das Lombadas is great waterfall at the valley of Lombadas, near Ribeira Grande, on the Island of Sao Miguel (Azores), Portugal.

From Ribeira Grande a small rural road leads to an even smaller road that runs into Vale das Lombadas. But this was one of the most beautiful roads we took on the Island of Sao Miguel. At the end of the road you can park your car and walk into this gorgeous valley. The river had so many colors and at some spots steam was coming out of the ground.

From the parking we had to find Cascatas das Lombadas. A little back at the road, in a sharp curve, there is a parking for one car. From here a very steep and dangerous path (not an official trail) leads to Cascatas das Lombadas. I spoke to a local guy and he strongly advised me not to take the trail because it is too dangerous. I was quite disappointed but I didn’t went down. A description of the trail can be found here.

After this disappointment we drove back and…..I saw a very big powerful waterfall in the distance. O no bad luck again, the battery of my photo camera was dead. I managed to take several pictures with my mobile and the quality is okay but not perfect.

Although it was quite an adventure I liked the trip very much.

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About Cascata das Lombadas

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RegionAzores, Sao Miguel
LocationRibeira Grande, Vale das Lombadas
RiverRibeira Grande
Best visitSummertime

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