Elzbach wasserfall


The Elzbach wasserfall (also named Elzbachfall) is a nice and photogenic waterfall located at burg Pyrmont, west of Pillig in the Eifel, region Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

Elzbach wasserfallThe Elzbach wasserfall is close to Koblenz and from there take highway 48 to Trier. Take the exit and drive east to Kaifenheim, Roes and Burg Pyrmont. The Elzbach wasserfall is located at the bridge at Landgasthof Pyrmonter Mühle. There are 3 parkings near the waterfall and access is easy.

Elzbach wasserfallYou can walk down from the bridge to the restaurant and there walk to the water pool. Here you have a beautiful viewpoint where you can make terrific pictures. In the background you can see the castle Burg Pyrmont.

Afterwards a lunch or drink at the restaurant is very nice, a nice location to relax and to enjoy the waterall. Afterwards you can visit the castle that is nearby.

The Elzbach wasserfall plunges down with great force after heavy rainfall over appr 6 meter. It is a twinfall and gorgeous to see with the bridge and tower in the background.

Because the Elzbach wasserfall isn’t always very powerful best period to visit is after a rainy period. I visited the Elzbach waterfall early May 2018 and although there wasn’t a huge amount of water in the river Elzbach it is still one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany.

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About Elzbach wasserfall

LocationBurg Pyrmont, Pillig, Eifel
Best visitEarly spring, after rainfall

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