Laintal Wasserfall

(Jachenau wasserfall, Lainfalle)

The Laintal Wasserfall is one of the nicer waterfalls in Germany. The Laintal Wasserfall is located northeast of the Walchensee, near Jachenau, in the region Bayern, Germany.

From Walchensee drive along the south side of the lake to Jachenau. In Jachenau there is a parking from which the trail starts heading north along the river Große Laine towards the Lainalm. The walk takes about 2 hours (5 kilometer) and has an ascend of 160 meter.

The river Glasbach drops down, in three stages, over 40 meters with the highest single drop of 15 meter.

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About Laintal Wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
Best visitEarly summer

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