Laukelandsfossen is a big waterfall in a scenic setting at the Dalsfjorden, near Dale (Gaular), in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

Driving on road Rv57 from Forde to Dale you can see Laukelandsfossen from a far distance. It is hard to believe the waterfall had only a single drop of 135 meter. Maybe it looks so impressive because it also can be a very wide waterfall, at its top it can be  a 100 meter wide.

Laukelandsfossen-tunnel-viewpointThere are several view points along the Dalsfjorden but you can’t always stop along the road side. I stopped just before the Nishammartunnelen where you can go right on to the old road along the Dalsfjorden. After a hundred meter you can walk down a bit (at a house) for a clear shot. Most of the time telephone or electricity wires are hanging in a viewpoint.

You can walk further up the old road to get a view on Laukelandsfossen just in front. The old road isn’t open for normal traffic anymore when the Nishammartunnelen was finished.

Laukelandsfossen-bridge-hikesFor another viewpoint I drove into the tunnel and at the roundabout (in the tunnel) took the exit to the right going onto the bridge. At the end of the bridge there is a parking. Here you will have another kind of view (more from the distance) at Laukelandsfossen. It was nice to see the waterfall left and the bridge right.

From here you can also make several hikes. There is a big information board with several suggested hikes. One of them runs along the fjord for a while, getting close to Laukelandsfossen.

Laukelandsfossen is one of my favorite waterfalls in the Gaular region. At the top of Laukelandsfossen the river Storelva (which means big river) splits up which gives the waterfall its distinctive shape. The river Storelva is fed by a series of lakes, from which Standnesvatnet has a direct connection with the river Storelva.

Storelva has most of the year a significant volume. The river is fed by melted snow from a mountain plateau up at Storelva.

Laukelandsfossen falls towards the south and if you don’t want backlight it is better to visit the waterfall early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Best time to visit the waterfall (regarding its volume) is early summer or after heavy rainfall.

Osfossen near LaukelandsfossenOn the way to Dale you will pass another nice (much smaller) waterfall called Osfossen. Osfossen is located on the junction of road Fv57, Fv422 and Fv610 near Bygstad. There is a small parking at the top of Osfossen.

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About Laukelandsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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