Neda waterfall

(Καταρράκτες Νέδας)

The Neda waterfall is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Greece. This beautiful waterfall is located near Figalia (east of Giannitsochori) in west Greece.

Drice south on road 9 from Pyrgos: at Tholo you have to drive east to Katarraktis Neda (Neda waterfall – 42 km). There are already signs for the waterfall. At Figalia there is also a sign “cataracts” onto a dust road. After 3,3 km there is a sort of parking along the road. From here it is a short walk to the river and the Platania bridge.

Here adventure begins. You have to walk into the Neda gorge, ending at the beautiful Neda waterfall. Before you arrive at the big waterfall you also walk by two smaller waterfalls, also very beautiful.
After 600 meter you arrive at a wooden bridge. Soon you will arrive at the emerald pool in front of the 20 meter high Neda waterfall.

The view is gorgeous and it is a perfect place for bathing. The Neda river is one of the two rivers in Greece named after a female!

The best time to visit the Neda waterfall is probably early summer. I am not sure if the location is accessible outside the summer.

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About Neda waterfall

CountryWaterfalls in Greece
Best visitEarly summer

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