Novopacke vodopady

(Novopacké vodopády, Novopacký vodopád, Sýkornické vodopády)

Novopacké vodopády or Sýkornické vodopády is a two tiered waterfall with heights of 5 meter and 8 meter in the small stream Zlatnice. Most of the year there is hardly any water in the waterfall but in springtime there should be.

Novopacké vodopády is located east of Nová Paka in the region Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. From Nová Paka go north to Vrchovina and go right before the blue sign Levinska. A small road leads you along a tiny stream. The road ends somehow when you reach a dustroad. From here it is a 10 minute walk, but there are no signs.

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About Novopacke vodopady

CountryWaterfalls in Czech republic
RegionHradec Králové
LocationNová Paka
Best visitSpring

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