The Pembachfall is very beautiful waterfall, south of Mitersill, on the Felbertauernstrasse in the region Salzburg, Austria. From the Felbertauernstrasse you already can see the Pembachfall. Take the turn to the Hintersee and drive 300 meters down the road, where you can park the car, almost in front of the Pembachfall.

Although my photographs of the Pembachfall aren’t so impressive, the Pembachfall is waterfall worthwhile to visit. I visited the Pembachfall at the beginning of May when the temperatures were low and the tress and leafs weren’t green yet.

Early summer is the best season to visit the Pembachfall when there is a lot of melted snow and the sun is powerful enough to melt glaciers. The Pembachfall is a 70 meter high waterfall in the river Pembach and falls towards the east. Morningtime is the best daytime to visit the Pembachfall.

From the roadside you will see the Pembachfall almost directly but it is also possible to hike to the top of the Pembachfall. On the left of the river there is a trail to the top.

Along the Felbertauernstrasse there are several other nice waterfalls you can visit. A good region for spotting waterfalls.

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About Pembachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer

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