(Kesselfall, Schutzengelhand, Tuxbachfall)

It is hard to say from where the Schraubenfall begins and where it ends. Schrauben means screw and indicates the part of teh waterfall where the river goes through a narrow ravin and change directions several times. These type of waterfalls are also called Kesselfall. The lower part of the river is a normal waterfall with no name, so I added the name Tuxbachfall for this part.

The Tuxbachfall can be find almost directly at the parking lot in Hinterux (at the left side: east) in the region Tirol, Austria. From Zell am Ziller/Mayrhofen drive into the Tuxertal until it ends at a big parking lot. Here a trail starts called “wasserfall rundweg”. Unfortunately (I wasn’t really lucky) I twisted my ankle but I managed to reach the Kesselfall part. After that I decided to return to the car. I was so disappointed because the best part had to come: the Kunerfall, a tremendous powerful waterfall.

The Tuxertal is a must to visit for people that love walking, nature and waterfalls. There are so many named and unnamed waterfalls in the valley that you can spend several days visiting them. The most famous waterfall near Hintertux is the Schleierfall, a scenic waterfall with a single drop of 70 meters.

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About Schraubenfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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