SimmenfälleThe Simmenfälle is a powerful waterfall near Oberried (Lenk) in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

The Simmenfälle is very easy to reach. From Zweisimmen drive to Lenk and further to Oberried, the end of the valley. Park the car somewhere near the restaurant (the big parking is only for customers). From here it is a few minute walk to the base of the Simmenfälle.

The Simmenfälle cascades down with great force with a descend of appr. 40 meter. A nice spectacle to see. There is a trail along the waterfall going further up to the Barbarabrücke (the upper part of the Simmenfälle) and the Simmenquelle (Siebenbrunne), a karstic waterfall.

On the way to the Simmenquelle (Siebenbrunne) you can see (at the left) a very tall waterfall that often is called the Simmenfälle, but this is the Flueseelifall.

Lenk is a nice region with several other waterfalls nearby like the enormous Iffigfall (Iffigbach wasserfall) with a single drop of 70 meter. Lenk is also a very cosy village with a nice atmosphere, a good place to stay.

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About Simmenfälle

RegionBerner Oberland
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Siebenbrunnen 2 km
Fluhbachfall 2 km
Laubbachfall 2 km
Trueebachfall 3 km
Iffigfall 4 km