Slap Šum (Vintgar gorge)

Slap Šum is a nice waterfall in the Vintgar gorge near Podhom (Bled) in the region Gorenjska – Radovljica, Slovenia. Slap Šum is part of the Triglav national park.

Slap Sum-podhom-signA daytrip to one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovenia, soteska Vintgar, is very popular. From lake Bled it is only a 10 minute drive (4 kilometer) to Podhom. There are sign along the road and you will be directed to one of the big parkings near the entrance of the park.

We parked the car at one of the upper parkings and in 5 minutes we arrived at the entrance near a nice looking restaurant. There was no parking fee required, nice! But for entering the park you had to pay €5 p/p but less for students and children. More information can be found on the official website of the Vintgar gorge.

Near Slap Sum-vintgar-gorgeAfter the entrance, soon the beauty of this amazing gorge will be clear. Slap Šum is at the end of the gorge but that isn’t really a punishment. I already said that Vintgar is one of the most beautiful gorges of Slovenia and I shot so many pictures before arriving at Slap Šum.

Near Slap Sum-vintgar-gorgeOnly one thing, it can be crowded and sometime there is a real traffic jam of walking people. A good moment for taking pictures of the numerous rapids, stone formations, colors in the water, fish and the wooden path running along the mountain wall.

Top of Slap Sum-vintgar-gorgeAfter 45 minutes (normally in 30-35 minutes?) you arrive at the top of Slap Šum. The artificial waterfall at the ned with the manmade stone wall isn’t Slap Šum, just walk further a few meter. You are now at the other end of the gorge with another entrance. You can buy some refreshments, souvenirs and there is a toilet (very important).

You are now standing on the bridge at the top of Slap Šum but you can walk down at the souvenir shop, crossing the river and walk back along the river for a good viewpoint from the bottom of the waterfall. This walk takes less then 5 minutes.

Slap Šum is appr. 15 meter high and lies in the river Radovna.

There are several other nice waterfall near lake Bohinj and my favorite one is slap Savica. This one is easy to reach, very beautiful and very suitable for children.

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  • 30 August 2019 at 10:27

    Beautiful, but there where to much people visiting the gorge and the waterfall.


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About Slap Šum (Vintgar gorge)

RegionGorenjska - Radovljica
LocationPodhom, Bled
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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