Spiegelthaler wasserfall

The Spiegelthaler wasserfall is a small but scenic waterfall in the village Clausthal-Zellerfeld in the region Niedersachsen, Germany. The Spiegelthaler wasserfall is located in the Harz, a small mountain chain south of Braunschweig, Germany.

Spiegelthaler wasserfallThe Spiegelthaler wasserfall was easy to reach from the picturesque Waldhotel Untermühle but the hotel nowadays is closed and it is prohibited to park there.  You have to park along the roadside, somewhere near the exit to the former hotel (gps 51.829794, 10.349690). 

Spiegelthaler wasserfall

From the roadside it is a few minutes to the former Waldhotel Untermühle and from there it is a 10 minute walk on a forrest road until you reach the Spiegelthaler wasserfall. Take the trail left when you reach the lake/pond and then the small path right. Soon you reach the upper part of the Spiegelthaler wasserfall.

The Spiegelthaler wasserfall is only 7 meter high but very nice to see with a small pool in front of the waterfall. Also a perfect place for children where they can play with the water.

Spiegelthaler wasserfallIf you want an overview you can walk to the other side of the lake where the trail is lying on a higher altitude then the waterfall.

I visited the Spiegelthaler wasserfall end of April 2018 and the waterflow wasn’t very spectacular but still enough to create a scenic waterfall. After a rainy period (autumn) the Spiegelthaler wasserfall is much more powerful.

There are several other nice waterfall in the Harz. I liked the Königshütter Wasserfall very much. Not because of its power but because of the atmosphere and the picnic facilities.

Highest waterfall in the Harz is the Romkerhaller wasserfall with a height of 50-64 meter and is located near Bad Harzburg.

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About Spiegelthaler wasserfall

LocationClausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz)
Best visitAfter rainy period, autumn

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