(Chämmerlitobelfälle, Thur wasserfalle)

The Thurfälle (or Thur wasserfälle) are two waterfalls near Unterwasser (Wildhaus) in the region St Gallen, Switzerland.

From Hotel Restaurant Sternen Unterwasser a trail goes north following the river Santisthur upstream. The walk is easy and pleasant and leads you through the Chämmerlitobel. After 10-15 minutes you reach the lower part of the Thurfälle, a 10 meter high waterfall over 2 steps.

Going further upstream you will see a more impressive waterfall, the upper part of the Thurfälle with a single drop of 13 meter.

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About Thurfälle

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RegionSt Gallen
LocationUnterwasser, Wildhaus
Best visitEarly summer

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