Vesle Hyrjonfossen

Vesle Hyrjonfossen is a nice but unknown waterfall near the Lesjaskogsvatnet in the region Oppland, Norway.

The waterfall Vesle Hyrjonfossen is located at the southside of the lake. Somewhere in the middle of the lake (driving on road E136) there is small road into the woods (heading south) crossing the railway. Following this road to the right leads to the river Hyrjon. From here you have to follow the river up. It is small trail but if you keep following the river (ascend of 200 meters) you will arrive at the Vesle Hyrjonfossen. I have seen a picture of a sign. On the way to the  Vesle Hyrjonfossen you will pass some small unnamed waterfalls.

The Vesle Hyrjonfossen has a single drop of 15-30 meters. It is hard to see how big the waterfall is, but it looks very nice.

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About Vesle Hyrjonfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer

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