Visoki buk Zrmanja

Visoki Buk is a gorgeous waterfall near Bilišane (15 kilometers east of Obrovac) in the northern part of the region Dalmatia, Croatia.

The river Zrmanja leads through a gorge with many cascades. Near Bilišane the river Zrmanja drops down over appr. 9 meters and is called Visoki buk.

The surrounding are very scenic and when nearby a must to visit. Easiest way to visit this beautiful gorge is to book a kayak tours. Probably there is also a dust road going from Bilišane towards the river from where a small trail leads to the river.

The Zrmanja river is 69 kilometers long and has its origin in the mountains of Plješevica. The river Zmranja find its way through narrow gorges and a 200 meters deep canyon. Zmranja is a typical karstic river (there are several of them in the region) and it has numerous waterfalls, cascades, rapids, travertine thresholds and tufa’s. The named waterfalls in the river I found are: Jankovi?a buk, Berberov or Berberi buk, Ogaro or Ogariv buk and Muškovci.

After the hamlet Žegar the river enters a deep canyon, considered the most beautiful part of the river. Further downstream the river Zrmanja receives its largest tributary, the Krupa River, a gorgeous and impressive canyon with several rapids ( near Krupa monastery). The canyon is located near Visoki Buk, the highest waterfall in the river Zrmanja.

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About Visoki buk Zrmanja

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
Best visitSpring-Autumn

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