Espelandsfossen is a big photogenic waterfall between Skare and Odda in the region Hordaland, Norway.

Many people drive by the Espelandsfossen (R13) without noticing this huge waterfall, because 200 meter further up the road is the famous Låtefossen. From the car parking at Låtefossen it is a short walk to Espelandsfossen and it is really worthwhile visiting. With a tremendous waterflow Espelandsfossen is impressive to see.

Even in May (I was there in 2015) the waterflow was really good enough for nice pictures. Early in the morning the sun shines partly on Espelandsfossen giving a nice contrast. There are several good viewpoints at Espelandsfossen: right in front of the fall photographing towards the west and a very nice viewpoint from the path next to Låtefossen going up to the remains of a hotel. Here you will have a good view on Espelandsfossen from a higher viewpoint photographing towards the west-southwest.

Although Espelandsfossen is only 80 meters high is has a massive amount of water falling down in (early) summertime with a volume of 4m3/sec. You can see the difference in the pictures: the first 4 are taken in June-July and the rest of the pictures in the beginning of May.

There is also a waterfall called Espelandsfossen near Granvin and a Espelandsfoss near Espeland at road 503. But this is the more impressive one with a height over 1oo meter plunges down over two cascades, 55 meters+25 meters (one visible).

Other big waterfalls nearby: Låtefossen, Langfoss, Vidfoss, Aednafossen, Strondsfossen and the Tjørnadalsfossen.

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About Espelandsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitSummer, early summer

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