Waterfalls in PortugalPortugal is high on my wishlist for chasing waterfalls. I visited Portugal several times but never visited a waterfall. Almost all waterfalls in Portugal are located in the northern part, near the border with Spain.

The Azores and Madeira also belong to Portugal and these islands contain the most beautiful waterfalls of the country. Especially the Azores is very interesting when wanting to visit waterfalls.

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Map of waterfalls in Portugal

A map of waterfalls in Portugal will follow seen

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Best rated waterfalls in Portugal

Name Region Locations Height # Rating #
Salto da Farinha Azores Salga, Achadinha 20 m20
Poço do Bacalhau, Cascata do Azores Lajes das Flores 90 m90
Ribeira Grande, Cascata da Azores Lajes das Flores, ilha das Flores 300 m300

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