Waterfalls in France

Waterfalls in France belong to the most gorgeous waterfalls in Europe. I love France with its diversity, every region is unique with its own kind of waterfalls.

Since I was a young child we spend our summer holiday in France, so I visited France so many times. But only the last few years especially to visit waterfalls. And I can recommend a visit to waterfalls in France. They are really very beautiful.

There are two big mountain ranges in France, the Alps and the Pyrenees, with a high density of waterfalls. These are also the regions where you can find the biggest, the tallest and the most beautiful waterfalls of France.

Google map with waterfalls in France

List of all waterfalls in France

Top 10 waterfalls in France

France is a perfect destination for holidays. A very diverse and beautiful country with many gorgeous waterfalls.


Best waterfall regions

Auvergne Rhône AlpesLanguedoc-Rousillon / Midi PyreneesProvence Alpes / Côte d'AzurBourgogne / Franche Comté

My last travels to France

Saut du Doubs

Spring 2022 - Jura & Annecy region

Cascades de Gimel-le Grand Saut

Summer 2021 - Gimel les Cascades & Spain

Cascade de Tendon

Spring 2019 - Vosges

Waterfall pictures France

Cascade d'Ars

France is one of the best countries in Europa to spend a holiday and to chase waterfalls. There are so many photogenic waterfalls and France is a big country. I love the Pyrenees but that is a 13 hour drive for me.

Grande cascade de Gavarnie - the highest waterfall in France
Cascade de Seythenex
Cascade du Coeur

Waterfall videos France

Spring 2022 we visited the Jura and the Annecy region, chasing waterfalls. After years I payed much more attention to making videos. Most of the time I only think of taking pictures. On my Youtube channel I now have over fifties video's of waterfalls in France and over 700 video's of waterfalls in Europe. Enough inspiration for a holiday!

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