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I love traveling through Europe and chasing waterfalls. The last few years I am traveling to south Europe more and more and swimming at waterfalls has become my new passion.

Levada das 25 fontes - Madeira

Autumn 2023: Madeira Portugal

Madeira is known as flower island and an island with a lot of rain. This time we had decided to take a mid-October vacation to Madeira. I was very much looking forward to a great holiday , especially since there are dozens of photogenic waterfalls. I was a little apprehensive about the weather, though. A lot of rain was predicted and it had hardly rained on Madeira for months. And it showed: trees with dry leaves, forest fires and the very worst..... no or hardly any water in the waterfalls, too bad.

Sgwd y Pannwr

Summer 2023: UK from south to north

It is truly incomprehensible that until this year (2023) I had never been to the UK to visit waterfalls. It's relatively close by (with a ferry) and I speak the language very well. I always thought waterfalls in the UK were not very impressive and it is not really a top tourist destination (except for English people themselves). I'm glad we decided to explore the UK from South to North anyway, right across England, Wales and Scotland. July 2023 we finally went to the UK.

Cascata do Salto do Cabrito

Summer 2022 – Azores Islands

Many people have ever heard of the Azores. While this is one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in Europe. The Azores had been on my wish list for a long time and summer 2022 was finally the moment to go there. Although there are really many beautiful islands, I decided to limit our visit to two: São Miguel and Terceira. São Miguel is a destination with a lot of hot spots, including many waterfalls! We start our journey on São Miguel in the capital Ponta Delgado, the perfect base.

Gartl wasserfall

Summer 2022 – Germany & Austria

Being a teacher gives one enough time to travel and to visit waterfalls, my biggest hobby. The Königssee in Germany had been on my wishlist for a while and I wanted to visit some waterfalls in Austria in a region that was unknown for me. Normally, I always go looking for waterfalls on my own, but this year my wife came along too. That always means an adjustment in my schedule but it is also very relaxing. Instead of visiting as many waterfalls as possible every day, I was now more inclined to enjoy and take it easy.

Cascade de Cerveyrieu

Spring 2022 – France

Finally, we can go on holiday without any worries. It is May 2022 and almost all Corona measures have been abolished in France. We decide to start in the Jura and book a hotel in a small town called Ornans. Just big enough for a few hotels and restaurants and a nice base to visit the many waterfalls in the region. The sun is shining and first we visit one of the most popular waterfalls in France near Viller le Lac, Saut du Doubs. Via a free parking you descend steeply and only have to walk a short distance to two different viewpoints.

Cascata della Piumogna

Summer 2021 – Switzerland

Switzerland is a perfect country to travel and to discover waterfalls. Most of the country is covered with mountains. Because of the high prices for hotels I didn’t visit Switzerland much. In 2021 I decided to go and to enjoy the Swiss nature beauty and its many waterfalls. The summer of 2021 would finally be an opportunity to visit waterfalls in Switzerland. Why Switzerland? I thought it was time to visit this beautiful country with many waterfalls after 20 years. Now the price level has changed slightly, especially eating out…

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