Waterfalls in Austria

Austria is one of my favorite countries when going on a holiday or for chasing waterfalls. The infrastructure is perfect and prices are very reasonably. Beside that 80% off Austria consists of mountainous areas, it is a guarantee for beautiful nature and waterfalls.

Most of the waterfalls in Austria are located in the middle and eastern part of Austria. Especially in the regions Tirol, Salzburg and Kärnten are so many beautiful waterfalls.

When visiting Austria it is difficult to say which waterfalls you must visit but the Krimmler Wasserfälle is a must to visit

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Austria is perfect destination for a holiday. Fine weather, gorgeous nature and big waterfalls. What else do you want?


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My last travels to Austria

Gartl wasserfall

Summer 2022 - from north to south

Waldbachstrub wasserfall

Summer 2020 - amazing Salzburg

Häselgehr wasserfall

Winter 2020 - a few waterfalls

Waterfall pictures Austria

Lauterbach wasserfall

There are over 2.500 pictures of waterfalls published on this website and a lot of the are taken in Austria. To get inspired click on the picture page button to see a gallery with the most beautiful waterfall pictures of Austria.

Riesach wasserfälle
Gollinger wasserfall
Krimmler wasserfälle, Krimml, Salzburg, Austria

Waterfall videos Austria

This is just one video of a waterfall in Austria but it is also the most beautiful waterfall in Austria and one of the most impressive waterfall: Krimmler wasserfälle. There are so many other waterfalls I added to my Youtube channel. Click the more video's button to see the most beautiful waterfall video's of Austria.

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