Waterfalls in Norway

There are so many beautiful waterfalls in Norway. Norway is a real waterfall country, the number one in Europe, perfect for chasing waterfalls. It is also has a high density of waterfalls, mostly in the southern parts of Norway. Norway is also famous because of its tall waterfalls. The top 10 highest waterfalls in Europe will be dominated with waterfalls in Norway.

This can’t be a surprise when you consider that the Norwegian scenery forms an ideal base for high and powerful waterfalls. The Norwegian countryside has a lot of mountains, plateaus, glaciers, high volume of rainfall and many fjords with (relatively) high and steep mountain areas.

Google map with waterfalls in Norway

List of all waterfalls in Norway

Top 10 waterfalls in Norway

Waterfalls in Norway

Without a doubt Norway is THE waterfall country number one in Europe with the highest and most beautiful waterfalls.


Best waterfall regions

VestlandMøre og RomsdalInnlandetTrøndelagRogaland
Waterfalls in Norway - map

My last travels to Norway

Waterfall in Norway: Rjukanfossen - Tovdal

Summer 2019 - unspoiled Norway

Waterfall in Norway: Mollisfossen - Reisadalen

Summer 2018 - North Norway

Waterfall in Norway: Langfoss, Etne, Hordaland, Norway

Spring 2018 - surprisingly beautiful

Waterfall pictures Norway

Waterfall in Norway: Formofossen

Norway is my favorite waterfall country and I have over 1.000 pictures of Norwegian waterfalls published on this website. To get inspired click on the picture page button to see a gallery with the most beautiful waterfall pictures of Norway.

Waterfall in Norway: Mollisfossen - Reisadalen
Waterfall in Norway: Vettisfossen
Waterfall in Norway: Dei Sju Systrene, Seven Sisters

Waterfall videos Norway

This is just one of the many video's of waterfalls in Norway but this is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway, not that easy to reach....There are so many other waterfalls I added to my Youtube channel. Click the more video's button to see the most beautiful waterfall video's of Norway.

Best free detailed hiking maps of Norway

Online hiking maps Norway

For me Norway is the place to be if I want to see all those amazing waterfalls. Most waterfalls are easy to reach but sometimes you NEED a map. Not always are trails well signed. Fortunately, there are several online hiking maps of Iceland that can help you plan your hike and navigate the terrain.

One of the best online hiking maps of Norway is the Norgeskart map. This free online map is available to anyone with an internet connection. The map offers detailed information on hiking trails and paths. It also allows you to easily search for specific points of interest. You can choose several map layouts.

If you want even more detailed information about a hike, you also can visit websites withe details information about trails. One of my favorite website is GodTur (in Norwegian). This website offers detailed information on trails, as well as maps of specific areas.

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