Waterfalls in Slovenia

Slovenia is an unknown travel destination for many people. I really don't know why? Slovenia has it all: of cause all those gorgeous waterfalls, cheap and good food, nice people, nice cities and beautiful nature.

Considering this, it sounds stupid when I say I only visited Slovenia once??? The summer of 2017 we had the best time of our live when staying in Bovec, Bled and Ljubljana.

When visiting Slovenia you must visit slap Kozjak, slap Savica, Lake Bled, the Vintgar gorge and the capital Ljubljana/ They all should be on your wishlist. Check out why!!

Google map with waterfalls in Slovenia

List of all waterfalls in Slovenia

Top 10 waterfalls in Slovenia

Slovenia is a top destination if you want something else but still want it all. It is a relative small country with the most beautiful waterfalls. Especially in the Triglav national park region.


Best waterfall regions

Goriška - TolminGorenjska - JeseniceSavinjska - Mozirje

My last travels to Slovenia

Near Slap Sum-vintgar-gorge
Slap Savica

Summer 2017 - gorgeous Slovenia

Slap Kozjak - waterfalls in Slovenia

Waterfall pictures Slovenia

Slap Susec

There are over 2.500 pictures of waterfalls published on this website. Only a few of them are taken in Slovenia. But these pictures give an idea how gorgeous Slovenia is and the most beautiful waterfalls are in Slovenia..

Slap Sum-vintgar-gorge
Slap Savica
Slap Boka

Waterfall videos Slovenia

This is my favorite video of a waterfall in Slovenia and also the most photogenic waterfall in Slovenia. The colors are so clear and outstanding that not taking a nice picture is impossible. There are a few other waterfall videos of Slovenia I added to my Youtube channel. Click the more videos button to see the most beautiful waterfall videos of Slovenia.

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