Waterfalls in Spain

Unfortunately I only visited Spain three or four times chasing waterfall. Spain is a big country and I haven't been in the southern parts en the regions around Madrid.

Maybe you don’t expect that many waterfalls in Spain but I have listed almost a hundred waterfalls. Almost 20% of Spain is covered with mountains above 1.000 meter, quite impressive.

Where mountains are, there are waterfalls. There are more waterfalls than I have listed. Every month I discover a new waterfall in Spain. Most of the impressive waterfalls in Spain are situated in the north, in the mountain chain Pyrenees is a must to visit

Google map with waterfalls in Spain

List of all waterfalls in Spain

Top 10 waterfalls in Spain

I still dream of moving to Spain. I love the people, the food and the gorgeous waterfalls.


Best waterfall regions


My last travels to Spain


Summer 2021 - north/west Spain

Cascada del Estrecho - Cascada de la Cueva

Summer 2019 - northern Spain

Cascada del Estrecho - Cascada de la Cueva

Summer 2016 - Spainish Pyrenees

Waterfall pictures Spain

Cascada de Ardones (Las tres Cascadas)

Although I have quite a lot of video's of waterfalls in Spain, I have only 150-200 picture of waterfalls in Spain. Still these are gorgeous pictures of gorgeous waterfalls, but I need to update this section quick.

Gollinger wasserfall
Krimmler wasserfälle, Krimml, Salzburg, Austria

Waterfall videos Spain

This is just one video of a waterfall in Spain but it is also one of the most beautiful waterfall in Spain. There are quite a lot gorgeous waterfalls in Spain, something you maybe not expect from Spain. I have several great waterfall video's on my Youtube channel. Click the more video's button to see the most beautiful waterfall video's of Spain.

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