Waterfalls in Italy

There are so many beautiful waterfalls in Italy, especially in the northern parts. The advantage of Italy is that the weather is generally very good. Sunshine contributes well to the experience you have with a waterfall. Yet, Italy has a lot of high waterfalls, several powerful waterfalls and actually quite a lot of beautiful waterfalls..

Most of the waterfalls in Italy are located in the northern part of Italy. Especially in the regions Valle d"Aosta, Lombardia, and Trentino are so many beautiful waterfalls.

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I love the weather, I love the food but I also love all those surprisingly beautiful waterfalls in Italy! Check it out, Italy is a great country to explore.


Best waterfall regions

TrentinoLombardiaValle d'AostaPiemonteVeneto

My last travels to Italy

Obervintler wasserfall

Spring 2019 - north Italy

Cascate del Rutor - La Thuile

Summer 2014 - Valle d'Aosta

Cascata delle Marmore, Terni

Summer 2014 - Italy

Waterfall pictures Italy

Cascata delle Marmore, Terni

The last few years I took so many gorgeous pictures of waterfalls in Italy that I became one of my favorite countries that I want to visit. One disadvantage, I have to drive more then 12 hours to go there.....

Cascata Amola
Aschlbach wasserfall Gargazon
Cascate di Lillaz (Cogne-Valle d'Aosta)

Waterfall videos Italy

This is gorgeous video of a perculiar waterfall in Italy. Cascata delle Marmore only flows three times a day for a short period. Nevertheless it is a visit really worthwhile!

But there are so many other waterfalls in Italy that will amaze you. I do love the Valle d'Aosta region with its astonishing nature.

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