Waterfalls in Germany

There are many waterfalls in Germany but most of them are not that tall. Most of the better German waterfalls are located in the south of the country, in the region of Bayern (Bavaria). There are other mountainous regions, also worthwhile to visit, but I love the southern parts and the bigger mountains.

I visited Germany many times but only in recent years especially to visit waterfalls.

Germany surprises me every time I am there. The food, the people but especially the waterfalls are better then on pictures...

Google map with waterfalls in Germany

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Top 10 waterfalls in Germany

Germany is a big country with more than 75 waterfalls worthwhile mentioning. 


Best waterfall regions

BayernBaden WürttemburgRheinland-Pfalz

My last travels to Germany

Konigssee, Bayern, Germany

Summer 2022 - Germany & Austria


Summer 2020 - Germany & Austria

Kuhflucht wasserfälle

Winter 2020 - winter waterfalls

Waterfall pictures Germany

Almbachklamm - Sulzer wasserfall

The las few years I visited Germany several times, especially to visit waterfalls. Germany surprises me. Although the waterfalls aren't very big and powerful, they can be very beautiful. And life in Germany is good!

Pöllatfall - waterfalls in Germany
Stuibenfall Oytal
Waterfall: Allerheiligen wasserfälle(Büttensteiner Wasserfälle), Offenberg, Schwarzwald, Germany

Waterfall videos Germany

This is just one video of a waterfall in Germany but it is also one of the most beautiful waterfall in Germany. There are so many other waterfalls I added to my Youtube channel. Click the more video's button to see the most beautiful waterfall video's of Germany.

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