Boom, Cascadas del

(Cascada d'Ardonés)

Cascadas del Boom or Cascada d’Ardonés is a great waterfall in the Spanish Pyrenees. Cascadas del Boom/Cascada d’Ardonés is located east of Cerler and Benasque in the region Aragon-Huesca, Spain.

From Benasque drive north over road A-139 and short after take the exit to the right to Cerler (road A-2617). In Cerler drive further south over road A-26177 for 5 kilometers. In a sharp bend to the right there is a dust road to the left that leads to Cascadas del Boom/Cascada d’Ardonés.

It is also possible to walk to Cascadas del Boom/Cascada d’Ardonés in 45 minutes. Here you can also walk to two other waterfalls in the direct surrounding: Cascada Clotet (left of Cascada del Boom) and Cascada la Mascarada (just before Cascada del Boom on the left).

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About Boom, Cascadas del

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationCerler-Valle de Benasque
RiverBarranco de Ardones
Best visitEarly summer