Couz, Cascade de

(cascade de St Cassin)

Cascade de Couz or cascade de St Cassin is a beautiful waterfall southwest of Chambery along road D1006. Just before the Hamlet “La Cascade” a 50 meter high waterfall shows up at the left side of the road, Cascade de Couz.

Cascade de Couz is easy to reach. From the road side it is a short walk through the forrest to the base of the waterfall. After heavy rainfall a second waterfall appears at the right of Cascade de Couz.

Cascade de Couz is appr 50-70 meters high (single drop) and is situated in an unnamed river. I can’t figure out how a small unnamed river can feed such a waterfall. My french isn’t good enough but I understand that several famous writers were inspired by Cascade de Couz.

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About Couz, Cascade de

RegionRhone Alpes/Savoie
LocationSaint Cassin-Chambery
Height50m +70m
Best visitSpring-After heavy rainfall