Fraile, Cascada del

Cascada del Fraile is one of the many waterfalls in the surrounding of Baños de Panticosa. Cascada del Fraile os located northeast of Panticosa, at the end of road A-2606, in the region  Aragon-Huesca, Spain.

Park the car in Baños de Panticosa and walk northeast, here a trail starts descending steep along the river Rio Caldares. You will several small waterfalls until you see the first bigger single drop, Cascada del Pino, at the right side (after ascending 120 meters/20 minutes).

But don’t stop, you can walk further up along the river. After 5 minutes you will see another small but nice waterfall and it keep on going. After 100 minutes you will reach the next names waterfall Cascada de Fraile.

Best time to visit Cascada delFraile is late spring or early summer when there is a lot of melted snow that feeds the river Caldares.

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About Fraile, Cascada del

RiverRio Caldares
Best visitEarly summer