Gerber, Cascada de

Cascada de Gerber (sometimes named as Cascada del Gerber) is a big waterfall, east of Vielha, near Baqueira in the region Catalunya, Spain.

Driving from Sort to Vielha on road C-28 you can’t miss Cascada de Gerber. At the left side of the road you already can see the waterfall from top to bottom. You have to drive a little bit further until the road goes up. In the first hairpin curve there is a parking at the left side of the road.

From the parking there is a signed path going directly to Mirador de Cascada de Gerber. It is an easy walk (400 meter/5 minutes) and only the last part to the base of the waterfall goes a little bit up.

Cascada del Gerber is a powerful waterfall dropping down from a lake called Estany de Gerber. Height of the waterfall is estimated on 125 meter.

Best time to go to the waterfall is late spring or early summer when a lot of snow is melting down the mountains. Close to the waterfall you can ski at port de la Bonaigua.

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About Gerber, Cascada de

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RiverBarranc de Gerber
Best visitSpring, early summer