Mendata, Cascada de

Cascada de Mendata is one of those rare waterfalls dropping directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Cascada de Mendata is located near Itxaspe, 40 km west of San Sebastian, in the region Pais Vasco (Basque country), Spain.

From road A8 take exit 54 to Itziar. At the roundabout take the exit to Itxaspe and drive on until you see a small wooden sign “Mendata” in a curve in the road. Go right here and drive onto a small parking at the end of the road.

From here it is a 500 meter walk to the top of Cascada de Mendata. Best view on the 30 meter single drop is from the beach. West of the river you can walk down onto the beach.

Best period to visit Cascada de Mendata is after a rainy period (Autumn?). I think in a dry period there is no water in the river Mendatako Erreka.

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About Mendata, Cascada de

RegionPais Vasco-Euskadi
RiverMendatako Erreka
Best visitAutumn

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