Nacimiento Del Rio Cuervo, Cascada

Cascada Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo is a the source of the river Cuervo where a waterfall is created after an overflow of the groundwater.Cascada Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo is a karstic waterfall and is part of Parque Natiral Serrania de Cuenca. Nacimiento means “birth”, so thee waterfall is the birth of the river Cuervo (the source).

Cascada Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo is located not far from Vega del Codorno along road CM-2106 north of Tragacete in the region Castilla la Mancha-Cuenca, Spain.

There are signs along road CM-2106 “Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo”. From the parking you can walk along the river Cuervo, but Cascada Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo can be found in another stream north from the parking. The trial to the waterfall leads through a forrest and is signed. The walk is about 1,5 kilometer long and takes about 30-40 minutes.

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About Nacimiento Del Rio Cuervo, Cascada

RegionCastilla la Mancha-Cuenca (la Serranía Alta)
LocationVega del Codorno-Tragacete
RiverRio Cuervo
Best visitWinter