Oursiere, Cascade l’

Cascade l’Oursiere is an unknown but beautiful waterfall near lacs Robert between St Martin d’Uriage and Chamrousse (Grenoble) in the region Rhone Alpes/Isere, France.

In Grenoble take exit 2 towards St Martin d’Uriage (D524). From there follow the directions to Chamrousse (D111) until you reach auberge les Seiglieres. A few hundred meters further (before the U-turn) there is a road to the left/parking with the beginning of a trail to Cascade l’Oursiere.

From here it is 1 kilometer (20-30 minutes) to Cascade l’Oursiere, going steep up at the last part of the trail.

Cascade l’Oursiere drops down over appr. 40 meters and can be quit powerful in the early season. On the way to Cascade l’Oursiere you will pass several other rapids/waterfalls in the river Domean.

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About Oursiere, Cascade l’

RegionRhone Alpes/Isere
LocationChamrousse/St Martin d'Uriage-Grenoble
RiverRuisseau du Doménon
Best visitSpring-early summer

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