Pedrosa de Tobalino, cascadas

(Cascada del río Jerea)

Cascadas Pedrosa de Tobalino or Cascada del río Jerea is a nice waterfall near Trespardene in the region Castilla y León, Spain.

Driving on road BU550, southwest of Bilbao you will drive by Cascadas Pedrosa de Tobalino between Quintanilla la Ojada and Trespardene. At cafe/bar Velez in Pedrosa de Tobalino you will see a white board along the road. From here you can walk to the river (200 meter) where you can enjoy Cascadas Pedrosa de Tobalino.

There is a small beach in front of the waterfall and it seems to me a perfect spot to take a swim and picnic for a while.

When there is enough water in the river, springtime or after heavy rainfall, the waterfall gets wider and more and more drops will rise. Late in summertime there is only one small drop of 7 meter but still it is a very nice place to be.

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About Pedrosa de Tobalino, cascadas

RegionCastilla y León
LocationPedrosa de Tobalino, Trespardene
RiverRío Jerea
Best visitSpring, after rainfall