Pisot, cascata

(Cascata del Pisot)

Cascata Pisot is a nice waterfall in a small gorge near Casto, in parco delle Fucine, in the region Lombardia, Italy.

Cascata Pisot is near Lago di Garda and nice for a daytrip. From Riva di Garda drive over the west shore to Salo. Her turn right to Nozza (ss237). In Nozza take the left turn on the roundabout to Casto (SP3). In Nozza take the left turn to Alone. After 850 meter you see a parking at the right side of the road.

This is the trailhead of a short walk to Cascata Pisot. At the beginning of the trail there are two nice emerald green swimming pools. You have to follow the path and the signs for Cascata Pisot. It is only a 900 meter (10-15 min) walk with a slightly ascending path. If you walk southwards (along the river Pizzotto) you can’t miss the waterfall.

Cascata Pisot is a nice waterfall wit h a single drop of appr. 10 meter and is located in a small gorge. Very nice to see and with warm weather a pleasant destination.

In summertime there is probably a low volume  in the river Pizzotto. Best time is late spring or early summer to visit Cascata Pisot.

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About Pisot, cascata

LocationCasto, Parco delle Fucine
RiverTorrente Pizzotto
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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