Ponte Serra, cascata di

Cascata di Ponte Serra is a quite unusual waterfall in front of an ancient bridge over the river Cismon near the village of Lamon, region Veneto, Italy.

The bridge Ponte Serra is hundred of years old but only since 1880 they renewed it and it became a stone bridge. From the bridge you have a good view on Cascata di Ponte Serra at the right of the dam.

Cascata di Ponte Serra is appr 10-15 meter high but I don’t know if it flows all year around. The dam is used to generate power. I think when there is lot of snow melting from the mountains or in a rainy period should be the best time to visit Cascata di Ponte Serra.

From Lamon drive south over road S50 until you reach the bridge Ponte Serra. From here you already see the waterfall. There is a big car parking near the bridge.

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About Ponte Serra, cascata di

LocationLamon, Belluno
RiverTorrente Cismon
Best visitSpring, after rainfall