(Ramnefjellfossen, Utigårdsfossen, Utigordsfoss, Utigørdsfosse)

The Ramnefjellfossen (also called  Utigardfossen, Utigordsfoss or Ramnefjellsfossen) is one of the highest single drop waterfall in Norway. The river Utigardselva drops down over a height of 495 meters, probably even higher. The waterfall is fed by the Ramnefjellbreen glacier and will flow on its top in Summertime.

The Ramnefjellfossen is located at the end of the Lovatnet, in the Nesdalen in the municipality Stryn (Sogn og Fjordane). When driving along the Lovatnet you can’t miss the majestic Ramnefjellfossen. It is already visible from a distance. A campsite is located within hiking distance of the base of the falls.

There are several good viewpoint on the fall, from the roadside with the Lovatnet in front or driving up the Bødalen, on the opposite side of the valley.

Unfortunately the Lovatnet and the Ramnefjell is also responsible for a tragic story. In the 20th century in 1905, a large piece of  the mountainside broke loose of Ramnefjellet and crashed into the Lovatnet lake. It caused a tremendous flood wave which swept away the small villages Bødal and Nesdal, 61 persons lost their lives. 31 years later a same kind of disaster happened which costed 41 people their live. And in 1950 another landslide broke loose but didn’t caused casualties. The water in the Lovatnet wasn’t deep enough anymore to create a huge wave.

Other waterfalls nearby are the Høysteinfossen, the Huldrefossen and the Kåpefossen in the Bødalen. It’s really worthwhile, when you are near Loen, to drive to the Lovatnet. At the end of the valley there is the Bødalen, one of the most beautiful places in Norway. We where lucky that the weather was beautiful, which results in astonishing beautiful photo’s.

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