Sambuzza, cascata dellla val

Cascata della val Sambuzza is one of the largest waterfalls in the region Lombardia, Italy. When driving form Branzi to Carona and a little bit further to Pagliari you will see the 230 meter high cascata della val Sambuzza.

The road after Carona is small but you can drive up to the waterfall. In front of the waterfall there is a small parking, for 2 cars. I am not sure if it is allowed all year around to drive that far. Alternative is to park the car in Carona and walk on to cascata della val Sambuzza. It is a 2 kilometer walk and takes about 30-40 minutes.

From the bottom of cascata della val Sambuzza you can’t see the total height of this +230 meter high waterfall. Ii think it is even much higher. Especially late spring, early summer cascata della val Sambuzza is beautiful.


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About Sambuzza, cascata dellla val

LocationPagliare, Carona
RiverTorrente valle Sambuzza
Best visitEarly summer

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