Sotto il rifugio Berti, Cascata

Cascata Sotto il rifugio Berti is unofficial named waterfall at Monte Popera in a valley called Vallon Popera. The waterfall is located near northeast of Padola (Comelico Superiore) in the region Veneto, Italy.

From Comelico Superiore drive north over SS52 until you reach Padola. Here you have to follow th esigns for Valgrande. Park the car at the end of the road near rifugio Lunelli. From here you have to walk (trail 101). I think the walk takes 30-45 minutes until you can see Cascata Sotto il rifugio Berti. To the rifugio it is a 60 minute walk.

Cascata Sotto il rifugio Berti is appr. 70 minutes high and is fed by melted snow from Monte Propera (3.046 m) and a little glacier.

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About Sotto il rifugio Berti, Cascata

LocationPadola-Comelico Superiore
Best visitEarly summer